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Our education consultants have curated a list of products they love for music teachers! This resource includes products that are impactful and will enrich the lives of music makers in the classroom.

#14 – Primary AXP1-1 Alto Xylophone

Built to last! Primary is the Intermediate Series alto xylophone from Sonor, available at an affordable price. Pao Rosa bars with overtone or fundamental tuning and the bars have note names and notation symbols centered on each bar to encourage music reading. Of course, the F# and Bb bars and 1 pair of mallets are included too! Additionally, this series also has a 2-year warranty – what a value!



#13 – Pop Intervals and Ear Training for Choir 

Perfect for beginning choir! Do you teach intervals to your students? This creative resource by Roger Emerson provides a pop song for each interval to help students remember the pitches in relatable terms! 12 songs/lessons are provided, along with digital downloads of audio files and PDF singer sheets.   



#12 – Orff-Schulwerk Rediscovered

New and easy to understand! This title from Schott takes the Music for Children Volumes and provides updated, easy-to-understand lessons for various pieces.  The enclosed DVD-ROM includes video, audio, and PDF resources to enhance each lesson, and the free accompanying “Play Orff” app allows teachers and students to improvise and compose melodies in digital form. The best part is it’s affordable!  If you’re a fan of the Murray Volumes, you need to add this book to your library! 

#11 – Nino NINO954, Classroom Cajon

Build a Cajon ensemble! The Nino Classroom Cajon is a great way to automatically have multiple students playing together. This instrument features 8 individual cajons that are fused into one instrument.  Each Cajon is a different color too.  The internal snare wires provide a traditional resonant snare Cajon sound.

#10 – Sound Stories

Including 18 lessons, this is one of our favorites! Sound stories are a great way to teach multiple concepts, and they keep kids engaged! Use instruments, movements, vocal sounds, body percussion, or other creative modes of expression to “perform” these sound stories in your classroom. The book suggests sounds, but feel free to create your own as well! The pages are reproducible, and you can also purchase the CD-ROM version to project in your class. 

#9 – Vocalize Canon Collection

All ages! We are huge fans of rounds and canons – singing groups of any age can use them!  This collection contains 55 rounds and canons from a variety of time periods and cultures – AND also adds piano accompaniments, an accompaniment CD, and singer PDFs (if needed). An excellent resource to add to your collection.

#8 – Nuvo Recorder +

This recorder is brilliant!  It comes with silicone key “flaps” that cover the keys, so students with tiny fingers just need to press down anywhere on the flap to close the key. It gives those students immediate success instead of the frustration with a traditional recorder.  And it comes in 7 fun color combinations. We recommend every teacher have a few of these in their classroom just in case!

#7 – “Dylan” Knitted Sleeve Puppet

One of our newest puppet arrivals!  Dylan is a “sleeve” puppet, meaning he takes up your entire arm – like a sleeve!  He has a huge personality, moveable antennae, cute glasses, and an adorable tie!  He has a huge mouth for demonstrating the proper singing technique, and he would make a terrific class mascot!  

#6 – Kala KA-15S

High quality and affordable! Kala has packed this ukulele with upgraded features such as pearloid tuning buttons, GraphTech NuBone nut/saddle, Aquila Nylgut strings – this ukulele delivers a full, warm tone to rival models that cost 2-3 times more! Perfect for yourself, classroom use, or to share with a friend!

#5 – Harmony Melodia

No batteries here! This keyboard instrument is powered by blowing air through a mouthpiece and is a fun and easy way to make music.  Extremely portable and easy to learn.  The Harmony Melodia includes a carry bag, 2 types of mouthpieces, and an extension air hose.

#4 – American Song 302 Slide Whistle

Everyone needs this slide whistle! Teachers can easily teach pitch direction or use the slide whistle as an attention grabber.  The glissando sounds will bring laughter to the entire room. You’ll be delighted with the construction and sound quality!

#3 – AIM 44450 Lanyard Keyboard

Teacher essential! Grab this keyboard lanyard for yourself or buy one for your friend!  You can hang your classroom keys on there and will always know where they are located!  It also has a breakaway buckle in case you need to unhook your keys. Everyone will know you’re the music teacher!


#2 – West Music Hemmed Scarves

Keep your students moving! Scarves are great for creative movement activities and make your lessons more interactive. Students love the colors, and texture of scarves too and love to use them to enhance children’s literature activities also. Available in 12 individual colors with hemmed edges for durability. 


#1 – Joy Carpets Note Worth Rug

Warm up your classroom! Joy Carpets are new to our collection this fall and have been wildly popular with teachers everywhere. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles, they create a space that services as a focus for your room. Carpets also can improve your teaching space by warming up floors and covering other rugs. Check out Joy Carpets!