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It’s all about the sound! Our Basic Beat Mallets provide an excellent choice for your Orff Classroom.  Basic Beat offers excellent sound with superior construction, all at an exceptional value! In the video below, Education Consultant, Judy Pine, leads you through the available options of Basic Beat Mallets for the Orff Instruments in your classroom. These mallets include heads constructed of wood, plastic, rubber, and yarn. In the video, you can hear the sound differences yielded from soft (yellow), medium (blue), and hard (red) mallets. These mallets have been color-coded for easy identification!

As an added bonus to the line, Basic Beat has created mallet options for your temple blocks and bass bars! All Basic Beat mallets are conceived, designed, and tested by music educators and music therapists.

Basic Beat Glockenspiel Mallets

The Glockenspiel Mallets feature tapered hand grips to help your students achieve the correct hand placement and experience less fatigue. These mallets are available in both wood (hard) and plastic (hard) head options. Both styles have nylon shafts measuring 10.25″ in length.


Basic Beat Rubber Xylophone/Metallophone Mallets

Rubber Mallets pair perfectly with Soprano, Alto, and Bass Metallophones. Additionally, they are good options for your Alto and Bass Xylophones. These mallets are easy on the body by incorporating flexible shafts. Hands will naturally fall into proper alignment due to the tapered grips. Rubber Mallets are available in soft (yellow), medium (blue), and hard (red) heads. We hope you take the time to hear the differences by watching the video above.


Basic Beat Yarn Xylophone/Metallophone Mallets

Why yarn? When the mallet strikes the instrument, the sound is dampened by the use of rubber mallets covered in yarn. The grip fits right into your students’ hand, and with the flexible shafts, these mallets help draw the sound out of your Orff instruments. If the yarn starts to ware after that year has passed, do not fret! Simply remove the yarn and voila, you now have a usable rubber xylophone/metallophone mallet! Just like the rubber mallets, Basic Beat Yarn Mallets are available in the same color-coded options: soft (yellow), medium (blue), and hard (red)


Basic Beat BBTB Temple Block Mallets

These Basic Beat mallets are the perfect choice for temple blocks and woodblocks in your classroom. The shafts are just the right size to fit into the hole on the Basic Beat Temple blocks too! Basic Beat Temple Block Mallets are soft enough that you won’t damage the surface of your blocks while playing.


Basic Beat Soft Yarn Bass Bar Mallet (Single)

Our Basic Beat Bass Bar Mallet features a soft yarn head that surrounds a soft inner core, measuring 15″ length. As with the rest of the Basic Beat Mallet line, these too have a tapered hand grip to help achieve correct hand placement. It is important to note that the Bass Bar Mallets are sold individually.


Basic Beat Guarantee

These mallets are designed by music educators to bring out the best sound from your instruments! All Basic Beat products come with a 1-year satisfaction guarantee! If you have any questions about which mallets are right for your classroom, we invite you to contact our excellent customer service team at 1-800-397-9378.