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World Music Drumming (WMDr) Curriculum by Dr. Will Schmid is a critically-acclaimed 30-lesson instructional program. WMDr is aimed primarily at middle school general music, yet is applicable for grades 3 through adult, including either high school or corporate team building. WMDr brings the enjoyment and excitement of music participation while building important life skills such as communication, listening, teamwork, discipline, and respect for others. To complement this teaching method Remo, Inc. has developed four percussion packages of attractive, durable, and easy-to-play instruments for classes ranging from 22 to 30 students. Included with each package is a complete classroom kit containing a teacher's book, student enrichment book, and a DVD. Dr. Schmid recommends key-tuned drums for use in ensemble playing.

What does a World Music Drumming workshop look like?

A playing demonstration of Remo Tubanos.

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Choosing REMO Tubanos for Your Classroom
As the Hand Percussion Consultant for West Music, I frequently get calls from teachers inquiring about which kind of REMO Tubanos to buy for their classroom. I'm hoping to help dispel some of the mystery behind choosing the right drum and to help you get the most bang for your buck!

Remo Paddle Drums!
West Music Hand Percussion Consultant Jennifer Winegarden walks us through Remo's Paddle Drums - just in time for summer! Be sure to pick up a set for the classroom, or family fun!

Remo Not So Loud Ladoumbes, Djembes and Tubanos!!
West Music is the first company in the world to have in our possession the NEW Not So Loud Ladoumbe and the NEW Not So Loud Djembe!! These two drums are a fantastic addition to the current Not So Loud drum collection.