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Clarinet Repair Services at West Music

Playing Condition for Student Model Instruments (Plus Pads)*

Plastic Soprano$49
Wood Soprano$55
Plastic Alto$55
Wood Alto$60
Plastic Bass$60
Wood Bass$75
Straight Contra-Bass$135
Curved Contra-Bass$195
  • Instrument is checked for loose pads, screws, rods, and tenon corks.
  • The mechanism is oiled.
  • Worn or missing key corks, felts, or other silencers are replaced.
  • Any foreign material in the bore is removed.
  • Corrosion is removed from hinge tubes, hinge rods, and pivot screws.
  • Any loose posts are tightened.
  • Lost motion is removed from the key mechanism.
  • Pad leaks are eliminated by floating the pads.
  • The key mechanism is regulated to playing condition and the venting height is adjusted.
  • Mouthpiece is cleaned and checked for damage.
  • Case is cleaned inside and out.
  • The instrument receives a final play test.

30 Day Warranty

Mechanical Overhaul for Student Model Instruments*

Plastic Soprano$229.99
Wood Soprano$259
Plastic Alto$340
Plastic Bass$425
Straight Contra-Bass$625

All of the above as well as:

  • The instrument is disassembled and the mechanism is refit (swedged) to proper tolerances.
  • Straighten rods and keys as necessary.
  • The instrument parts are cleaned in detergent then oiled.
  • All new pads, key corks, and tenon corks are installed. Pad leaks are eliminated by floating pads.
  • Seal posts, screws, octave well, and caps.
  • Reface tone holes, secure posts, and adjust springs and replace when necessary.
  • Mouthpiece is cleaned and checked for damage.
  • Case is cleaned inside and out.
  • Regulate to top playing condition.
  • The instrument receives a final play test and wipe down.

6 Month Warranty

Mechanical Overhaul for Professional Model Instruments*

Wood Soprano$325
Wood Alto$400
Wood Bass$450
Straight Contra-Bass$750
Curved Contra-Bass$1,095

All of the above as well as:

  • Fill posts to remove excess rod play.
  • All new pads, key corks, tenon corks, and springs (as needed).
  • Special attention to venting of pads to assure proper pitch and clarity.
  • Seal posts, screws, octave wells, and caps.
  • Correct intonation if needed.
  • The keys are refit to closer tolerances.
  • Pads are leveled to closer tolerances.
  • Keys and body is buffed and polished.

6 Month Warranty

Each Technician on an Individual Basis will quote Professional Custom Shop Repairs.

Other Charges*

Tenon corks (First)$25.00Adjust/Reinstall neck tenon$30.00
Tenon corks (Additional or with Playing Condition)$15.00 eachRefit bass clarinet neck$25.00
Flush body$45.00Key Transfers (per joint +pads)$75.00
Loose body rings tightened$25.00Solder (silver) per joint$15.00
Pads Replaced-Bladder$6.00 each + $3Oil body and bore$20.00
Pads Replaced-Cork$9.00 each + $3Remount thumb rest (+parts)$25.00
Pads Replaced-Leather$10.00 each + $3Crack pinning$20.00 each
Polish$25.00Shimming Contra-bass pads$10.00 each
Straighten bent tone holes$10.00 eachRibbon wrap crack repair$50.00
Wash plastic body$20.00 
Bores polishedKey buffing
Soprano and Alto$12.00Soprano$45.00

By Quote Only

Case repairKey fittingReplace or Repair Tenons
Chimney repairsMake New Hinge RodsSticky Pads and Tone Holes
Chip filling (body and tone holes)Professional quality padsStraighten Bent Hinge Rods
Cut Out Stuck Hinge RodsRedressing Tone HolesStraighten Bent Keys
Damaged/Worn Tone HolesRegulateStraighten body or bell
Dent workRemoval of stuck swabTenon/Socket Replacement
Free Binding KeysReplace CorkWood sanding or refinishing work

* These prices are average estimates only. Exact estimates will be provided upon inspection of the instrument. Estimates available at no charge.