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Double Reed Instrument Repair Services at West Music

Playing Condition for Student Model Instruments (Plus Pads)*

Plastic Oboe$65
Wood Oboe$79
Plastic Oboe w/FCS$75
Wood Oboe w/FCS$100
Plastic Bassoon$80
Wood Bassoon$129
  • Instrument is checked for loose pads, screws, rods, and tenon corks.
  • The mechanism is oiled.
  • Worn or missing tenon corks, key corks, felts, or other silencers are replaced.
  • Any foreign material in the core is removed.
  • Corrosion is removed from hinge tubes, hinge rods, and pivot screws.
  • Any loose posts are tightened.
  • Minor lost motion is removed from key mechanism as needed. (excessively worn or damaged mechanisms are repaired by quote only)
  • Pull cent tubes, clean and seal with wax.
  • Floating the pads eliminates pad leaks.
  • Key mechanism is regulated to playing condition and the venting height is adjusted.
  • Mouthpiece and case are cleaned.
  • Pull boot lap and U tube to clean and inspect bore.
  • The instrument receives a final play test.

30 Day Warranty

Mechanical Overhaul for Student Model Instruments*

Plastic Oboe (bladder pads)$325
Wood Oboe (bladder pads)$375
Plastic Oboe (cork pads)$350
Wood Oboe (cork pads)$395
Plastic Bassoon$395
Wood Bassoon$695

All of the above as well as:

  • Instrument is disassembled and the mechanism is refit (swedged) to maximum tolerances.
  • Straighten rods and keys as necessary.
  • The instrument parts are cleaned in detergent and oiled. Bores are polished as necessary.
  • All new pads, key corks, and tenon corks are installed. Floating pads eliminates pad leaks.
  • Reface tone holes, secure posts, and replace any necessary springs.
  • Cleaned mouthpiece and case.
  • Regulate to top playing condition.
  • The instrument receives a final play test and wipe down.

6 Month Warranty

Mechanical Overhaul for Professional Model Instruments*

Full Conservatory System (Quote Only)$600
English Horn (Quote Only)$700
Bassoon (Quote Only)$950

All of the above as well as:

  • Fill posts to remove excess play.
  • All new pads, key corks, tenon corks and springs.
  • Send posts, screws, octave walls and caps
  • Correct intonation if needed.
  • Keys are refit to closer tolerances.
  • The pads are leveled to closer tolerances.
  • More attention is paid to removing scratches and cosmetics.

6 Month Warranty

Each Technician on an Individual Basis will quote Professional Custom Shop Repairs.

Other Charges*

Pads for Oboe and English Horn (bladder)$7.00 each + $3.00 parts 
Pads for Oboe and English Horn (cork)$10.00 each$5.00 each to resurface for P/C
Pads for Bassoon (bladder)$11.00 each + $3.00 parts 
Tighten loose body rings$25.00 
Tenon corks (with P/C)$15.00 each 
Tenon corks (without P/C))First @ $25.00Additional corks $10.00 each
Tenon wraps (thread)$25.00 
Ribbon wrap (crack repair)$45.00 
Bocal cork (bassoon & eng. horn)$25.00 
Body lock remount (+parts)$25.00 
Remount bell ring (+parts)$25.00$15 with P/C
Silver Solder Joints$15.00 each 

By Quote Only

Bore oil treatmentsChip filling (body/tone)
Key fitting/Securing postsDamaged or worn tone holes
Case repairRedress tone holes
Crack pinningRemove stuck swab
Tenon/Socket replacementReplace or repair tenons
Bocal dent removalPolishing
Refinish work 

* These prices are average estimates only. Exact estimates will be provided upon inspection of the instrument. Estimates available at no charge.