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Saxophone Repair Services at West Music

Playing Condition for Student Model Instruments (Plus Pads)*

Soprano Saxophone$60
Alto Saxophone$60
Tenor Saxophone$70
Baritone Saxophone$90
  • Instrument is checked for loose screws, rods, as well as loose or worn pads.
  • Worn or missing key corks, felts, or silencers are replaced.
  • Body is checked for proper alignment.
  • Secure posts and check for proper alignment.
  • Corrosion is removed from hinge tubes, hinge rods, and pivot screws.
  • Hinge tubes and rods are checked for proper alignment.
  • Pad leaks are found using a leak light and removed by floating the pads.
  • The key mechanism is regulated to playing condition and the venting height is adjusted. Any lost motion is removed.
  • Oil and grease rods and screws.
  • The mouthpiece is cleaned and checked for damage.
  • The neckpipe and case are cleaned.
  • The instrument receives a final play test.

30 Day Warranty

Mechanical Overhaul for Student Model Instruments*

Soprano Saxophone$395
Alto Saxophone$395
Tenor Saxophone$425
Baritone Saxophone$625

All of the above as well as:

  • The instrument is disassembled and swedge keys to eliminate all lateral play.
  • Tone holes are leveled.
  • The instrument parts are cleaned in detergent.
  • All new pads, key corks, felts, and neckcork is installed. Pad leaks are found by using a leak light and removed by floating or leveling the pads.
  • Secure posts, and replace necessary springs.
  • Clean and buff mouthpiece.
  • Regulate to top playing condition and any lost motion is removed.
  • The instrument receives a final play test and wipe down.

6 MonthWarranty

Mechanical Overhaul for Professional Model Instruments*

Soprano Saxophone$595
Alto Saxophone$595
Tenor Saxophone$655
Baritone Saxophone$895

All of the above as well as:

  • Fill posts to remove excess rod play.
  • All new pads, key corks, tenon corks.
  • Springs are replaced as needed.
  • The keys are refit to closer tolerances.
  • The pads are leveled to closer tolerances.
  • More attention is paid to cosmetic work.

6 MonthWarranty

Each Technician on an Individual Basis will quote Professional Custom Shop Repairs.

Other Charges*

Neckcork (with P/C)$14.00 + $1.00 partsReplace water key cork (bari)$2.00
Neckcork (without P/C)$25.00 + $1.00 partsReplace water key spring (bari)$3.00
Pads$10.00 each + $5.00 partsReplace springs$3.00 each
Re-round neck tenon$25.00Straighten all key guards$25.00
Solder keys (soft) (w/spot lacquer add $10.00)$15.00Tone hole repair$10.00 each
Solder keys (silver)$15.00Solder and adjust octave key$25.00 minimum charge
Stuck MouthpieceNo charge
Tone hole repair
Re-round tone hole$10.00 each
Reface (level) tone hole (included in overhaul)$10.00 each

By Quote Only

Align bent body, bell, or keysEngravingRegulate
Case repairFree binding keysRemove stuck swab
Clean sticky pads and toneholesKey buffingReplace corks
Cut out stuck hinge rodsKey fittingReplace/repair tenons
Damaged or worn tone holesRedress tone holesStraighten bent hinge rods
Dent RemovalRefinishingStraighten bent keys

* These prices are average estimates only. Exact estimates will be provided upon inspection of the instrument. Estimates available at no charge.