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Welcome to the West Music Conservatory!

We are pleased you have chosen West Music as your source for music instruction. The West Music Conservatory serves more than 3,500 students in six locations—Coralville, Cedar Rapids, Cedar Falls, Quad Cities, Ottumwa, and Des Moines. With over 150 qualified instructors, almost every musical discipline is represented at all skill levels. Smiling faces are all over West Music. We have a great deal of fun with our music, but we also take it very seriously. We strongly believe in the importance of music instruction as part of a healthy, well-rounded life and support your musical journey. If you have any concerns or suggestions, please speak with me so we can correct any obstacle to the learning experience. We are always looking for ways to enhance efficiency, quality of music education, and student proficiency. West Music is proud to be your source for music education, instruments, print music, and repair. If you have questions during any phase of your musical journey, ask any West Music associate to help you find the answer.

Advantages of Lessons at West Music

As a Student of the West Music Conservatory, you'll enjoy...

  • Free West Music messenger bag with lesson registration
  • Free admission to West Music clinics
  • Promotional discounts available exclusively to West Music students
  • 10% off in-store print music
  • Advance notice of special events sponsored by West Music
  • Quality gear to play and learn
  • Opportunity to buy quality lesson studio instruments at discounted prices during our Studio Stock Sales

Recitals and Performance Opportunities

We encourage our students to take advantage of performance opportunities whenever they can. Talk to your instructor about performance opportunities appropriate for you. Your instructor may also advise you about competition or audition opportunities.

West Music Also Offers:

  • Knowledgeable and friendly sales staff, many of whom are musicians themselves, dedicated to serving your musical needs
  • Instrument rental and lease programs, including a "try before you buy" program
  • Financing for purchased instruments
  • The Midwest's largest instrument repair team
  • Recording gear and PA equipment
  • Music Therapy Services
  • Group classes and recreational music opportunities
  • Weekend Warriors bands for adults and Rock Steady bands for teens (select locations)
  • Kindermusik™ (select locations)
  • Special orders on merchandise not in stock
  • One-stop shopping for all your music needs


Lesson Fee Payment

West Music Conservatory instructors offer high quality and affordable instruction. Lesson fees are made payable directly to the instructor and are due at the first lesson of each month. Each individual instructor has a policy for their studio.

Lesson Punctuality

Being on time for your lesson is important. Even arriving a few minutes early will allow you to be prepared to get the most from your lesson. Your scheduled lesson time is your time to learn. Teachers must adhere to a schedule for all their students. They cannot go over your scheduled lesson time if you are late.

No Food or Drink

Please enjoy food and drinks outside the store.

Cancellations and Make-Up Lessons

West Music has a no cancellation policy. Make-up lessons are not guaranteed. Consistent payment is required so that your teacher's time and studio space is guaranteed. In an educational environment, this makes students and teachers accountable for learning and growing.

Termination of Lessons

A two-week notice is required prior to your last planned lesson. If inadequate notice is received, the instructor will expect payment for the last two lessons even if the student does not attend lessons.

Payment for Books and Accessories

Payment for West Music merchandise is due at the time the merchandise is received. Merchandise should be paid for before leaving the store.

Copyright Infringement

Copyright laws prohibit photocopying sheet music. One of the first laws passed by Congress over 200 years ago was our copyright law. Congress recognized that music has value and composers are entitled to receive payment for their creative efforts.


Now you're ready for your first lesson!

When you begin lessons, you and your teacher will discuss your musical background, goals, and learning style. Be prepared to tell your instructor:

  • Age and level in school (if appropriate)
  • Musical background (e.g. band, orchestra, choir, other instruments played)
  • Why you want to take lessons
  • Musical goals
  • Other activities you are involved with (e.g., dance, soccer, religious instruction)
  • Your support structure at home—Is there a quiet space and instrument at home for regular practice?
  • Your learning style—Our instructors want their students to succeed in music, and they understand that certain teaching styles may not work for every student. Do not hesitate to tell your teacher or the studio coordinator if a teaching style is not working for you.

Make a family commitment to learning your instrument. Set regular times aside to practice your instrument. To start, ask your teacher how many days per week and minutes per session you should practice. Support practice time with patience and positive encouragement! Students will experience challenges in music, but rising to the challenge will bring great rewards.

Check to be sure you have all parts to your instrument and lesson materials with you.

Communicate! For younger students, the last few minutes of each lesson should be spent with the teacher summarizing the lesson and discussing goals for the next lesson. Make sure you write your assignments down so you know what you need to practice. Parent participation in this summary is encouraged. An informed parent makes a better encourager at home. And, always ask if you have a question!

Questions or Cancellations

We post event postponements and store closings on our store website pages and Facebook. The latest updates are always available at For information about cancellation of individual lessons or classes, please contact your local studio coordinator or store manager with any questions. Lesson and class cancellations are also posted on the Facebook pages for each of our local stores.

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Don't Forget...

  • Free West Music messenger bag with lesson registration
  • Free admission to West Music clinics
  • Promotional discounts, including 10% off print music!

Welcome to the West Music Conservatory! We look forward to helping you be successful in your endeavor to learn music and experience the power of making music!