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Group Classes at West Music

West Music offers group classes for all ages. From babies to retirees, we have lots of opportunities for recreational and instructional music-making. Contact your local West Music store to find the programs and schedules available in your area.

New classes start every month! Contact your local West Music store for details!

Group Keyboard Classes

Keyboard Classes

Musical Moments

In these keyboard classes specifically designed for the adult hobbyist, students are amazed at how much they learn in their first class! You will learn to play chords and read music in an enjoyable, stress-free environment. No recitals — only celebrations! One hour classes, once a week, with no practicing required! Start your own Musical Moments right here!

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Group Guitar Classes

Guitar Classes

Beginning Guitar Class

This guitar class for beginners, taught by our experienced guitar teachers, will have you learning to tune, strum, play chords and simple melodies, and care for your instrument in 6 weeks. It will get you started on your goal to learn to play the guitar in a relaxed environment that focuses on important basic skills. Learn good habits from the pros, play better right away!

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Group Ukulele Classes

Ukulele Classes

Uke Can Do It!

Playing the ukulele is a great way to learn the basics of music quickly, and our ukulele group class makes it easy and fun! All you need is a ukulele and a desire to make music — we'll do the rest when you sign up for Uke Can Do It! These weekly 1-hour classes run for four weeks, and are held at most of our local stores several times throughout the year.

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Unleash Your Inner Rock Star!

Rock Steady

Rock Steady is designed for teen musicians with at least one year of playing experience. We will help you learn to work with other musicians and to form a band! For six weeks, you'll jam with other teen players and work on song projects for a performance at a local venue. Refine your stage presence, learn performance tips and have FUN making music with friends!

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Weekend Warriors

These programs for guitar, drums, bass, keyboard, and vocalists connect you with other musicians to play the music you love, regardless of your instrument or playing level. Learn with our professional staff, then perform live at a local venue. Find out more on the Weekend Warriors page.

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Music and Movement for Babies Through Preschool

Sing & Play & Learn Today and Kindermusik

West Music offers early childhood programs in many of our stores. Our fun, engaging programs help your child become actively involved in music making. Our Early Childhood Education page has all the details and registration information

Specialty Classes

Extraordinary Teachers Sharing Special Expertise

Our music instructors have diverse interests and backgrounds, and from time to time we offer classes that reflect their unique talents. From classes in specialty instruments, improvisation and music theory to weekly sessions like the Fiddler's Club, West Music lets you learn and have fun at the same time!

Take a look at the classes available in your area, and you'll find lots of ways to connect with music. If there's something musical you'd like to learn that we don't offer yet, let us know — that's where specialty classes come from!