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Nancy Cree Keyboard Learning Centers at West Music

Nancy Cree

West Music and Nancy Cree are pleased to offer the Nancy Cree Keyboard Learning Program in the Iowa City/Coralville and Cedar Rapids areas. We feel this comprehensive approach to music education offers the greatest possibility of success for you or your child. Enrollment is open to beginning through advanced students of all ages – even adults!

A Proven Program in Music Instruction

The teaching concepts of the Nancy Cree Keyboard Learning Program were developed over 35 highly successful years of teaching, going far beyond the scope of traditional "music lessons" and into the social contexts of learning and performance.

The Keyboard Learning Center Program seeks to open as many musical doors as possible to its students. From traditional acoustic piano to the newest electronic technology, the instruction seeks to introduce and excite the student to a variety of musical possibilities.

We take a broad range approach to the varied musical traditions such as classical, jazz, folk and popular music.

A Full Featured, Integrated Acoustic/Electronic Program in a Fully Equipped Music Studio

The Keyboard Learning Centers at West Music offer the widest variety of acoustic and electronic instruments available:

  • Grand Piano
  • Portable Electronic Keyboard
  • Digital Piano
  • 16 Track Sequencing
  • Audio &Video Recording
  • Computer Theory Instruction

The integration of electronic equipment into the teaching studio allows students the opportunity to explore new dimensions in music, and to take advantage of the latest technology in teaching concepts.

A Social Environment of Learning and Performance

Group Nancy Cree Lesson

The Keyboard Learning Center teaches both the technical and social aspects of music and performance. Music is learned, then performed among family and friends in a variety of social settings. Students develop self-confidence and stage presence, and have fun performing together in a cooperative environment.

From the beginning, students experience the reinforcement of performance before a friendly audience during our monthly "Keyboard and Cookies" concerts and recitals. Playing together in performance groups provides the social experience of ensemble work that is so often missing from keyboard instruction.

The Nancy Cree Keyboard Learning Centers is a proven and highly successful keyboard education program. Nancy has been teaching since 1974 and developing the integrated acoustic/electronic studio since 1986. Now in partnership with West Music, there are five studios in three locations using her approach, helping students experience the power of making music.

The goal of the Nancy Cree program is to give students the skills they need to keep playing for the rest of their lives. This comprehensive approach to music education offers the greatest possibility of success for students of all ages.

Parents and Students say...

"Our three children have taken a total of 29 years of lessons from Nancy, from Kindergarten through high school. Not only has she been a great piano teacher, but a great support to them in all of their activities. We feel so lucky and blessed to have had Nancy as our teacher."

— Ellen Found

"Nancy cares about us succeeding yet makes it really fun. We get to play in contests ‐ and we can win trophies and ribbons."

— Hanna, Age 13

"I started with Nancy when I was in first grade and continued lessons with her until I graduated from high school. I was only able to continue playing throughout high school because of Nancy's flexibility and her desire for me to continue to play regardless of how many activities she had to work around to make that possible. I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to take lessons from Nancy, and I cherish my ability to play, knowing it would not have been possible without Nancy's presence in my life."

— Katie Callaghan

"I really like that we get to play duets and trios with our friends for some of our performances and we also get to play cool songs – like from the Beatles and pop songs."

— Andrew, Age 11

"I like being able to play on the Clavinova with lots of sounds and drum rhythms. And I really like playing my Christmas music."

— Nicholas, Age 9