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lydia evans

Lydia Evans has studied piano in our West Music Lessons program for 5 years. She began her studies with Alice Golden, and continues with Sarah Beckelheimer. Lydia is in the 4th grade and also plays the violin. She plans to play in her elementary orchestra next year, and currently participates in a community group violin class.

Her teacher has this to say about working with Lydia: “Lydia is a hard worker at piano. She gives a great effort during each lesson and is willing to challenge herself with several songs every week.

She is enjoyable to teach and a sweet girl with a great sense of humor.”

When asked for advice to other musicians, Lydia wisely suggests that you “always practice and you will get better. Listen to different music and try new things.” She loves how different music can put you in different moods. “It’s fun to be creative when making up music!”

Lydia is half Turkish and has been to 13 different countries. Lydia loves art, reading, traveling, plants, and animals. She enjoys her two parakeets! One of her favorite musicians is Sarah Tucker, and her song “Believer.” We’re very proud to work with her in our Lessons program!

Congratulations, Lydia!