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Ukulele is a great instrument to learn and teach for so many reasons! First of all, Ukuele is simple to learn. There are many songs you can play with just three chords!  We also love the portability of this instrument, therefore is easy to take wherever you go. Ukuleles sound great at an affordable price, and there are so many options to choose from. For those who already play guitar, it’s a quick transition to learn the ukulele. The most important aspect of the ukulele and why we are so passionate about it at West Music is because it’s fun!

Do you want to start a ukulele program in your classroom but not sure where to start? Sam Marchuk,  West Music Educational Consultant and long-time ukulele advocate, walks you through the entire process. In this 6-part series you will learn the reasons why ukuleles are an exceptional addition to your classroom curriculum and help you understand what supplies you need to get started.

Part 1: Why Teach Ukulele?
You don’t need to be an accomplished guitar/ukulele player or have a big budget to add ukulele to your curriculum. Here is what you need to know!

Part 2: What Size Ukulele?
There are four common sizes of ukuleles. Find which might be best for your students.

Part 3: Which Ukulele Model Should I Choose?
There are many different models of ukuleles. Make sure to choose a quality instrument that will play in tune and produce a good tone.

Part 4: Which Ukulele Method Should I Use?
Choose curriculum options and supplements that specialize in comprehensive applications for classroom teaching. 

Part 5- How Can I Store My Ukuleles?
Classrooms come in a wide variety of sizes as well as the amount of available ukulele storage – or lack thereof.

Part 6- What Ukulele Accessories Do I Need?
Find out about the essential ukulele accessories that you need to make your ukulele program a success!

To request a quote for your classroom, contact Sam Marchuk at or call 1-800-397-9378

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Meet our West Music Ukulele Experts

Sam Marchuk

Sam Marchuk

Sam Marchuk is an Education Consultant for West Music specializing in folk instruments and curriculum for the elementary classroom.

He has been playing ukulele since 2005 and is an avid collector of vintage and contemporary ukulele models. As an Education Consultant, Sam assists with the selection and acquisition of instruments and curriculum with teachers across the U.S. He enjoys matching up players of all skill levels and classroom teachers with the right ukulele to fit their personality, style, and budget.

Sam has demonstrated the potential of the of the ukulele at numerous state and national music education conferences, helped with the startup of ukulele programs across the U.S., and has taught beginning ukulele at the annual Strathmore Ukulele and Guitar Summit in Rockville, MD.


Chris Eck

A lifelong teacher and musician, Christopher Eck thrives on sharing creative enrichment with many people.

As the Education Director for West Music, he enjoys connecting students of all ages to meaningful musical experiences every day. As a private guitar and ukulele instructor, he is able to explore his own passion for playing music and to celebrate learning as a way of life. His student-led lessons focus on technical proficiency, applied theory and creative expression.

Chris studied Music Theory and Composition, Classics, Education and Child Development. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of Iowa in 2005, with several credentials and certificates along the way.

For many years, Chris worked as an early childhood teacher and administrator in the Iowa City area. He has always had an honored place in his work for children and young adults; teaching, mentoring, caregiving and facilitating in schools, libraries, hospitals and homes since 1990. He is a frequent presenter at professional development events for educators in Iowa.

Kyle Ware

Kyle Ware

Kyle Ware is the Merchandise Manager for Ukulele, Guitar, Pro Audio and Technology since 2010. He is the primary communicator and contact with all ukulele and guitar manufacturers, often traveling to inspect instruments and negotiating the pricing for our customers. He has been playing ukulele since 2006 and loves finding new and exciting instruments to add to our assortment. Before being a Merchandise Manager, Kyle was an Education Consultant specializing in guitars, ukuleles, and technology and finding the right fit for the right price for teachers and school districts.