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Introducing the pBuzz

We recently visited with Steven Greenall and Rich Breske from the Warwick Music Group – creators of the plastic trumpets and trombones you have most likely seen on the marching field or in pep bands.  They also have another product that is designed for younger...

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Primary Xylophones: An Inside Look

Have you ever wondered what the inside of soprano and alto Sonor Primary Xylophones look like? Education Consultant Judy Pine shares a look in this video.  These Sonor Primary Xylophone models are Judy's pride and joy in her office! The cut-aways showcase the...

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Studio 49 Bass Xylophone Comparison

Studio 49 has 3 Series of Orff instruments: The Premium 2000 series, Intermediate 1600 series, and the Compact 1000 series. Our focus today is on Studio 49 bass xylophones, all with a range of c – a1.  Each instrument has 16 bars that include 2-  F# bars...

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