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The Meisterklasse Glockenspiels are Sonor’s premium series of soprano and tenor-alto glockenspiels. West Music Education Consultant, Judy Pine talks  features and benefits of each of these instruments. She plays them with both wooden and hard rubber mallets in this video.


The excellent sound and soft shape of the resonator boxes are your student’s invitation to creative playing. The specialty alloy metal bars with fundamental tuning are 20% wider which enhances playability and offers a greater sound spectrum.


The resonator boxes of the Sonor Meisterklasse glockenspiels are constructed from beachwood. Because beachwood is super resonant, it is an ideal solid and laminate construction material. The finish is Proterra, an environmentally safe finish. Sonor formulates the finish on these special alloy bars to prevent fingerprints! Think about the time-saving benefits of this feature in your classroom!

Each glockenspiel is 2 full octaves, from C to C to C. Both tenor-alto and soprano diatonic glockenspiels include 19 bars, with two f-sharps and two b-flats. The chromatic soprano and tenor-alto glockenspiels feature 25 total bars. Each Sonor Meisterklasse Glockenspiel contains 2 sets of mallets. The hard rubber mallets are the SCH 3 mallets. They have also included, the wooden-headed mallet set, SCH 95. These mallets allow your Orff instruments to sing and provide two completely sounds.

Individual Replacement Pins

The Sonor Meisterklasse Glockenspiels have individual pins to keep the bars in place. When you take off a bar to replace a pin, it is recommended you use 2 hands and is always the best way to remove Orff instrument bars. To remove the old pin, utilize a needle-nose plier to pop it out. Next, pop the new pin in. You are done! These pins come in packs of 10. Judy Pine recommends you have a spare set of pins on hand to make sure you are prepared for any scenario.

Sonor Meisterklasse Glockenspiels

Soprano Diatonic: Sonor Meisterklasse Diatonic Glockenspiel (Range C3 – C5)

Tenor-Alto Diatonic: Sonor Meisterklasse Diatonic Glockenspiel (Range C2 – C4)

Soprano Chromatic: Sonor Meisterklasse Chromatic Glockenspiel (Range C3 – C5)

Tenor Alto Chromatic: Sonor Meisterklasse Chromatic Glockenspiel (Range C2 – C4)


Parts for Sonor Meisterklasse Glockenspiels

Pack of 10 Pins


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