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West Music Education Consultant, Kathy Bohstedt, shares her perspective on how attending a summer Kodály Workshop will re-charge your fall!

Taking my first level of Kodály training helped me pull together the concepts and activities I taught in my music classroom to create an active sequential music curriculum. At this training, I discovered so many wonderful folk songs and singing games. With these new elements, I learned how to analyze and determine exactly which games and songs will reinforce various musical concepts in my classroom.


During Kodály training I was reminded of the importance of addressing ‘the singing voice’, which I confess had sometimes been overlooked during my teaching. The Kodály Musicianship classes led to personal growth in my musicianship. I also gained insight on how to help my students develop as musicians. Even after taking only one summer course, my musical skills and the pedagogical process was improved and expanded. Not to mention, networking with fellow students and instructors in class is invaluable!

Kodály Workshop Structure

Kodály workshops are 2 weeks in length, held Monday through Friday. There are multiple levels of training offered at each workshop site ensuring all students learn the building blocks for the Kodaly Method.  Skills taught in Levels I, II, and III include solfege, musicianship, pedagogy, methodology folksong research, conducting, and ensemble work.

Recharge Your Summer

I believe all summer training courses result in this for teachers:

  • Develop and grow personal musical skills
  • Improve and hone pedagogical skills
  • Learn creative, inspirational, fun activities that will inspire students
  • Learn how to develop and implement an active sequential curriculum
  • Discover quality musical literature for students
  • Network with other teachers
  • Find joy in making music together