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Welcome to our first installment of Tubano Care and Maintenance. In this three-part series, you will find advice and instructions on how to care for new and old models of Remo Key-tuned Tubanos. This includes consideration for models before 2013 and after 2013.


  • Part 1 will feature tips on storage, cleaning, and mobility of Tubanos.
  • Part 2 will address tuning and replacing the heads.
  • Part 3 will cover how to replace damaged feet, hardware, contouring/tension bracket assemblies and handles.

Part 1: Tubano Storage, Cleaning, and Mobility


Many of you do not have a large classroom or storage facility that can accommodate many Tubanos sitting side by side on the floor.  You can condense the amount of space your Tubanos take up by stacking them.  I recommend stacking the same size diameter, head-to-head.  So one Tubano is right side up and the other is turned upside down.  By allowing the heads to rest on each other, you’re keeping other surfaces from touching or applying pressure onto them.  It is not recommended to stack different size heads together.


Remo Inc. quality tests each Tubano to ensure all instruments are in excellent playing condition before leaving Remo’s facility. This step also ensures the instruments are durable enough for regular cleaning.  I recommend using an antibacterial wipe on the head surface, shell, or hardware.  It is recommended to steer clear of saturating any portion of the drum.  Meaning, don’t allow liquid on the surface for long periods.  Wipe and dry.  Some percussion/teacher friends of mine wipe them down with a “Clorox” wipe or other wipes with a bleaching agent.  Personally, since these have bleach in them, I would not want you to risk discoloring the drum, but many use this method and have no problems.  It’s a personal preference.


Ever find yourself performing at your local school board meeting or recreation facility and need a quick way to get in and out with your Tubanos?  You can accomplish this either by yourself or with minimal assistance by using drum bags or carts!

Drum Bags

Basic Beat Tube Drum Bags are essential for those of us who load in and out frequently.  Moving Tubanos from the car to the front door, through 4 or 5 doors, up and down stairs, then back out again is a painstaking process.  Placing your Tubanos in the BB Tube Drum Bags make for an easier haul.  Each bag is equipped with a carrying handle and a detachable shoulder strap.  These bags feature different color trim to help you quickly identify which bag goes with which size drum. I’m able to strap on up to 3 at a time.  Also, the Tube Drum Bags provide a great deal of protection for your Tubano.  We have bags to fit all 3 sizes: the 10”, 12”, and 14” Tubanos.


Additionally, we carry Rock ‘n Roller Carts which are perfect for moving large quantities of Tubanos.  We have 6 sizes of carts, which break down and can fit into most spaces for easy storage purposes.  Place a Tubano on its shell side; I recommend the handle faces up, so it’s easy to pick off the cart when needed, then insert another Tubano next to it, filling the bottom layer of the cart.  Then repeat if you have more on top of the first layer.  This method will not damage your Tubano.  I typically like switching the facing of the head direction so my cart can balance better but again, that’s up to you.  We also have straps in case you need to strap down your Tubanos.

Have more Tubano questions? Give me a call or email, and I’ll be happy to answer any question you might have. Stay tuned for Part 2 and Part 3 of our series on Tubano Care.  Happy drumming!