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West Music has been in business since our founding in 1941. Throughout our 78-year history, we have had a number of additional endeavors (or family members) sprout up along the way.  One of those endeavors is our sibling/sister site, Percussion Source!

Founded in 1996, Percussion Source was created with the concert and symphonic percussionist in mind.  We took our experience developing our general music catalog and applied that same philosophy to the creation of the Percussion Source. Percussion Source is a one-stop shop for a great selection of percussion products with knowledgeable customer service that goes above and beyond to make sure our customers found precisely what they were looking for.

You have percussion products at West Music, what’s so different at Percussion Source?

As we mentioned above, Percussion Source was founded with the concert and symphonic customer in mind.  You’ll find a diverse and expanded selection of sticks and mallets more commonly found in concert settings at Percussion Source. Also, you find concert and marching percussion essentials including Keyboard Percussion, Concert Snare Drums, Cymbals, Drum Heads, Timpani, Celestas, and more.  We aim to have a curated a selection of the products our percussion customer needs.

The Percussion Source team are all active percussionists themselves, and they bring their personal experience to customer questions.

So are West Music and Percussion Source the same company?

Yes!  West Music and Percussion Source are part of West Music Company, Inc.

In fact, if you have shopped with West Music, our Percussion Source staff can easily access your customer account information and vice versa.  As a result, this makes it easy to shop across the storefronts, as all of our items are shared across both entities.  If you’re working on a percussion project and aren’t finding exactly what you need on West Music, give us a call, or stop by Percussion Source and we may have it there. Next, call us to create an order with products from both sites. Of course, you are also welcome to shop and separately for your various needs. Please note: to protect your security; we will have you create separate online accounts for each site.

This also means that if West Music is already on your approved vendor list, you have easy access to the products Percussion Source carries.  We recommend you get Percussion Source added to your approved vendor list as well but all Percussion Source products are already available for you if you already shop with West Music.

Have I seen Percussion Source anywhere before?

We hope so!  The Percussion Source team travels to a variety of events throughout the year. You may have seen them at TMEA, PASIC, the Midwest Clinic, or other percussion happenings.  Similar to West Music, Percussion Source has a great online presence and strives to meet and build meaningful relationships with our customers in the field.

You may also notice in the footer of our emails a shout out to Percussion Source too!