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west music piano student

Prabhas is in 2nd grade. He has studied piano with Dorothy Thomas in the West Music Lesson program for over a year, and is making great progress on his instrument!

His teacher has this to say about working with him: “In this year of piano, Prabhas has been able to learn to sight read and does so well on new music. He works at piano daily and is able to learn new songs and concepts weekly. He seems to have extra ability to plan out the playing so he succeeds in good timing.”

Prabhas loves the feelings and emotions you get from music. He wants to be his best in piano playing and he wants to become a composer. His advice to other musicians is to be consistent, a trait he shows wonderfully in his lessons.

His other interests include tennis, basketball, kickball, swimming, and soccer. His favorite musician is Jeffrey Jackson, and he loves the “Creepy Crocodile.” He also enjoys apples, oranges, foods with jaggery, and Indian foods.

Congratulations, Prabhas!