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What is Noodle Loaf?

West Music is entering a new territory by sponsoring a podcast called Noodle Loaf!  Noodle Loaf is an interactive and engaging podcast experience for kids ages 3-9 and their families. The podcast was initially conceived to provide a positive and enriching experience for the whole family to enjoy while in the car. The creator, Dan Saks, wanted an alternative to keep kids entertained without staring at a screen.  Noodle Loaf just debuted its second season at the beginning of September. We think it’s a whole lot of fun and hope you do too!

About the Creator, Dan Saks

Dan Saks’ background is rich in music. He worked as a music educator in New York City for 10 years, beginning as a teaching artist within the Bronx Public Schools. Later he went on to teach in various music classrooms from early childhood through middle school in Brooklyn, NY. Dan Saks has a strong foundation in Orff with his Level 1 and Level 2 certifications with instructors Billy Ferguson and Katie Trexler.

Outside of the classroom, Dan is a vibrant musician with a diverse performance background. He specializes in playing things with strings, skins, and keys. Before graduating from the New School in New York  City with an audio engineering degree, Dan’s hip-hop group was signed to Atlantic Records. Later he went on to lead a world fusion Sephardic rock band that was signed to the Indie label JDub Records. Dan’s projects have supported acts including Outkast, My Morning Jacket, Gogol Bordello, and Os Mutantes (just to name a few!)

Noodle Loaf – Season 2

Noodle Loaf spent its first season developing the format of its weekly show, with each episode clocking in at about 10 minutes in length. There are some standard features in every episode. An example of this is “The Echo Song.”

In Season 2, Noodle Loaf is aiming to increase its audience and get even more kids engaged in making music. Dan Saks says, “I’m excited about finding fun new ways to have the kids who love our show be able to hear their own voices on the show this season. It’s a magical perk of the medium that I can write an echo song one week, and two weeks later, kids around the country hear their own voices on the show singing the echo part!”

A Podcast for Early Childhood and Elementary Music Classrooms

Noodle Loaf is an exciting resource for educators. Furthermore, playing an episode in your classroom will undoubtedly enrich the fun for your students! The first segment in this episode “The Nut Butter Solution” is perfectly suited for the classroom. The segment is called “Blueberry Problem.”

Educator Reviews

“This podcast is so great, in fact, that I am feeling inspired with a new idea for next school year…!” -Notes From the Music Room

“I am so glad we found Noodle Loaf! My very nearly four-year-old asks for this podcast as soon as I start the car. It has become our favorite way to pass the time as we drive to and from school. As a parent, I love that she is no longer asking for screen time in the car. As a music teacher, I am delighted by the high-quality content that is provided by this podcast. Keep up the great work!” -iTunes Review by Shannon M-S

An Interactive Experience

Noodle Loaf encourages its listening community to interact with the podcast in meaningful ways. To illustrate this, it offers a forum for parents to send in their own “Kids Talking About Stuff.” Likewise, parents can send a recording of their kids telling their favorite joke.  Hence parents can delight in knowing their kid’s precious and hilarious anecdotes can be shared with the world in a forum that is fun and wholesome!

Inspired by the clear and easy to follow directions on the podcast’s website for even the less-than-tech-savvy parents to record their kids. This allows them to be part of the show! In May, Noodle Loaf debuted “Theme Song Choir.” A choir built one voice at a time. With this on-going project, Noodle Loaf hopes to eventually build the podcast world’s biggest, most-celebrated, and most certainly, cutest choir around! Help your child or students can participate:

  1. Get the Noodle Loaf Theme Song here
  2. Gather two devices
  3. Plug headphones into the first device and have your child/student listen and sing along
  4. While your kiddo is singing, use the second device to record the performance. Most phones have a voice record app, or you can download one for free.
  5. Email the recording to

We here at West Music think Noodle Loaf is a fun and engaging podcast for kids and their parents. Furthermore, this podcast is well suited for to an interactive experience in the general music education classroom. West Music hopes you check out this resource and enjoy it with the children in your life!