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CodaBow is the original carbon fiber bow. Formed in the 1990’s by an aerospace engineer, materials expert and master bow maker: these pioneers set out to find the perfect synthetic alternative to Pernambuco. Pernambuco is the hardwood considered the ideal bow making material due to its density, strength, and sonic properties. However, over time the material has become scarce and is expensive to import from its native Brazil. Therefore the market needed a new option, and CodaBow was able to deliver on a professional line of bows that meet the needs of violin, viola, cello and bass players.

What is Carbon Fiber?

Carbon Fiber is over quadruple the strength of steel and consists of very small strands of fiber held together by carbon atoms. If you are interested in reading more about the manufacturing process, visit this article called “How Carbon Fiber is Made” from ThoughtCo.

Why Carbon Fiber?

Carbon Fiber bows are now an accepted bow option for string players, though many players will own both a wood option and carbon fiber option. Bows made from this new material can closely mimic the sound qualities of Pernambuco at a fraction of the price. Carbon Fiber is a strong material that should not warp or crack, which can occur with its wood counterpart when there are fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

Intentional Design

CodaBow reimagined their lines of bows with focus on intentional design for each type of performer to optimize the player’s experience and success. As they often say at CodaBow: “the bow matters!”

Prodigy: The Student Bow

The Prodigy is perfect for a beginning violin, viola, cello, or bass player. CodaBow’s design elevates the student bow to reinforces a consistent sound and builds confidence. The bow provides on-string forgiveness and feels comfortable and stable for the beginner. The exceptional construction and quality will stand up with a player that is learning about bow care and maintenance.

The Diamond Series

The Diamond Series intentional design is for performers in the intermediate through professional levels. Historically, when bow makers would “grade” their bow sticks, they would embellish their best work with gold, followed by silver, then nickel or nickel-silver for their intermediate works. It makes perfect sense that CodaBow has indicated their levels by Diamond NX (nickel), Diamond SX (silver) and Diamond GX (gold).

Diamond NX

The Diamond NX is the perfect entry-level step up the bow, perfect for a musician that has been playing for two or more years. It has a strong and firm stick that has a greater weight than the Prodigy. It’s got greater stability than some of the more advanced bows in the line, which will give performers security while developing their craft.

West Music has presented the line of bows to Mariachi Educators to solicit their feedback. They overwhelmingly find that the weight and stability of the Diamond NX are perfect for the high school mariachi student.

Diamond SX

The Diamond SX is known as CodaBow’s gigging bow and is a 2.0 version of the CodaBow Classic. The balance point has been moved slightly closer to the frog which delivers a very live playing situation. This bow creates amazing projection and is durable for players that perform in diverse indoor and outdoor climates. The Diamond SX feels lighter in hand and has a projection that just won’t quit.

Diamond GX

The Diamond GX is the crown jewel of the CodaBow Diamond line. Considered a professional level bow, it’s got a warm and robust tone. It packs a “traditional Pernambuco” bow weight and feel. The Diamond GX picks up on the nuance a professional player needs to be at the top of their game.

Why CodaBow?

Another benefit of CodaBow is their commitment to the environment and crafting their bows locally. Their production facility is located in Winona, MN and all of the materials are sourced in the US and Europe. They stand by their product, and if you register your CodaBow, they offer amazing warranties on the bow shaft. From West Music’s perspective, CodaBow is an excellent company to partner with, and they care about their customers and community.