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Every day we are surrounded by facts about the amazing life benefits of music education. A multitude of studies confirm that children experience extremely positive academic, emotional, and developmental boosts from engaging in musical activities. We embrace the fact that a healthy education not only includes music and the arts, but emphasizes them as a daily necessity. One additional way that parents can show our commitment to building a musical life for children is to work with independent professional teachers in a private, individualized lessons program.

Benefits to Private Lessons

While school music programs are a great starting point for young musicians, they cannot always provide the one-on-one instruction your child needs. Classroom teachers and directors must diversify their energy across a wide range of areas, while a private lessons instructor can work on specific goals with each student on an individualized path.

Private, individaul lessons with a qualified instructor can provide amazing progress, whether kids are preparing for honors groups on an orchestral instrument or building the skills they need to perform a favorite pop song. Also, a private music teacher acts as a role model for young learners. They can show that hard work creates results, and that great things happen when we put our energy and our hearts together!

Finding the Right Instructor

Selecting a private instructor to work with your family is the first step. To get the most out of the lessons, choose a teacher that is a good match in temperament and style with your child. Getting to know the teacher’s expectations and having solid communication in place are also essential. At West Music, we offer one-on-one instruction in our comfortable studios with professional teachers. All teachers have verified professional credentials and go through background checks. Parents can review their biographies, schedules, and policies on our webpage at Parents can also learn more about West Music’s overall lessons program, including group classes and adult instruction, at

Keep music an active part of your family routine by investing in private, individual lessons! Not only will your child progress faster, they will reap the many cognitive, social, and emotional benefits that come with learning to play an instrument. Most of all, they will develop a life-long appreciation for music and the arts as they Play now. Play for life!


About the Author

A lifelong teacher and musician, Christopher Eck thrives on sharing creative enrichment with many people.

As the Education Director for West Music, he enjoys connecting students of all ages to meaningful musical experiences every day. As a private guitar and ukulele instructor, he is able to explore his own passion for playing music and to celebrate learning as a way of life. His student-led lessons focus on technical proficiency, applied theory and creative expression.

Chris studied Music Theory and Composition, Classics, Education and Child Development. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of Iowa in 2005, with several credentials and certificates along the way.

For many years, Chris worked as an early childhood lead teacher and administrator in the Iowa City area. He has always had an honored place in his work for children and young adults; teaching, mentoring, caregiving and facilitating in schools, libraries, hospitals and homes since 1990. He is a frequent presenter at professional development events for educators in Iowa and the Midwest.