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Do you love teaching with Orff Instruments? Teachers who fully embrace the methodology of the Orff-Schulwerk method greatly impress us. Here is a list of accessories to enhance your Orff classroom, featured in our latest West Music Catalog. These accessories are tried and true products that are sure to help your classroom function smoothly!

1. Basic Beat Orff Table Stand 

This table adjusts specifically to each player’s height. Students appreciate the customization to make playing comfortable. The Basic Beat Orff Table Stand reduces to as little as 19″ tall to store compactly or for transportation. We truly appreciate the raised border around the wooden top, because this feature prevents mallets from rolling off! 

West Music Orff Instrument Stands

2. Sonor Basis Trolley System Stand

We do not need to tell you, bass xylophones and bass metallophones are the heaviest Orff instruments available. The Sonor Basis Trolley System Stand is perfect for promoting proper position and posture! Your bass xylophone or bass metallophone securely attaches to the trolley stand, making it easy to safely move it by you and your students. Hold on, we have more good news for you! If you purchase a Sonor Meisterklasse, Palisono, or Primary bass xylophone or metallophone from West Music between September 1 – Dec 31, 2019, you have the opportunity to receive a FREE BT Trolley and AD2 Adapter directly from Sonor. This can save YOUR program $260.00! You can find out all of the details here.

The AD2 adapters mentioned above are specific to Sonor bass xylophone and metallophone models, in both chromatic and diatonic specific sizes. These are sold separately from the Trolley System Stand, so make sure you account for this when purchasing the system. 

3. Studio 49 Mobile Stand

Designed for Studio 49 Series 2000 or 1600 Orff instruments, this mobile stand takes the work out of moving your xylophone or metallophone. The handles on your 2000 or 1600 Series instrument are designed to easily integrate with this stand.

4. Basic Beat Rolling Stand

If you have an earlier model of Studio 49 xylophone or metallophone, we recommend using the Basic Beat Rolling Stand. Here is what the fantastic Judy Pine has to say about this stand:

What I like about this Orff stand is it was designed by us!  We put our heads together, looked at what we would want an Orff instrument stand to do if we were still in the classroom and came up with this stand. It fits your bass xylophones or metallophones as well as the sopranos and altos, or tenor/altos in the case of Sonor instruments. It’s easy to switch from one size of instrument to another and then adjust once you get there. Here’s the part I really like, no tools needed, ever. 

Judy Pine

Education Consultant, West Music

4. Basic Beat Xylophone/Metallophone Dust Covers 

The Basic Beat Xylophone/Metallophone Dust Cover provides excellent protection for your Orff instruments and keeps them looking like new!  Not only does the cover keep the dust bunnies away, but it also protects the bars from damage. Because each size (soprano, alto, and bass) features different colored edge stitching, it allows for an easy distinction of size at a glance.  Made of Lycra/Spandex material, an added adjustable pull is designed to assure a snug, skin-like fit.

This product, in addition to all Basic Beat products, has a 1-year satisfaction guarantee.  If you are not fully satisfied with your Basic Beat purchase within the first year, we will be happy to exchange it for a replacement item or credit your account!

Basic Beat Dust Covers for Orff

5. Studio 49 Orff Instrument Bags

These amazing bags from Studio 49 allow for mobility while giving protection to your Orff Instruments! These bags are made of protective black canvas and includes strong stitching throughout the bag, and reinforced upper and lower sides. Additionally, the padded handles include a wide adjustable carrying strap. Check out all the options here!

Studio 49 Orff Instrument Bags

6. Basic Beat Mallet Sets 

It’s all about the sound! Our Basic Beat mallets offer a great sound and superior construction, all at an exceptional value. All Basic Beat mallets are conceived, designed, and tested by music educators and music therapists, just like you! We have found Basic Beat mallets are a top choice of teachers, therapists, amateurs, and professionals for use in the classroom, studio, performance hall, or living room.

One of our favorite aspects of the Basic Beat mallets is the consistency of colors and strengths across the line. This way, you can always count on the yellow mallets being soft, blue mallets as medium, and red mallets being hard. Also, these mallets feature tapered hand grips for correct hand placement! Bonus: did you know that the yarn mallets are uniquely designed with a rubber core? Here is what that means for you: when your yarn finally wears out, take off the yarn, and you can continue using the mallets as new rubber mallets! Our Basic Beat Mallet Sets come in packs of 8, 12, and 18.

Basic Beat Mallet Sets

Are you interested in enhancing your Orff classroom through professional development?

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog about accessories to enhance your Orff classroom. Additionally, we want to mention that if you are looking for professional development for your music staff, we have solutions for you! As an enhanced feature to our product representation, West Music partners with educators, suppliers, and clinicians to bring professional development opportunities to school districts and Music Education Associations across the U.S. Our Education Consultants work directly with classroom educators and music administrators to share the products, materials, and techniques that create a complete, well-rounded learning experience. Whether you are looking for a one-hour webinar to a multi-day, on-site workshop, we are excited to share our expertise in person!

We invite you to check out our Orff & Percussion Instrument Guidance, Repair, and Maintenance offerings. This includes workshops, repair services, and webinars. Pricing for these programs is based on the length and type of the program, method of delivery, and the number of attendees. We also wanted to let you know we have additional programs focusing on World Music Drumming, Ukulele & Folk Instruments, and Group Drumming for Wellness, Recreation, & Classroom.  We invite you to contact us at or 1-800-397-9378 for a quote for your specific program.